HOFMANN Wärmetechnik
A company with
a long tradition …

HOFMANN Wärmetechnik <br />   A company with <br />   a long tradition …
  • Hofmann furnaces since 1946
  • 40 employees
  • located in central Upper Austria
  • research, development and structural design
  • production


An important driving force behind our thinking and actions is the flexibility in dealing with our clients.

We do our best to respond flexibly to the need of the client and jointly look for the best possible solutions.


We continuously work with our clients the further develop our own knowledge base. The client is extensively involved in the development and structural design of his plant. This is the only way to properly respond to his particular needs and requirements. We like to assist our customers in optimising their heat treatment procedures and the entire process flow.

Made in Austria

Our furnaces and systems are designed and manufactured in Austria out of conviction. This ensures that all know-how stays with us and can be made available to our clients.
If possible, a plant is serviced by those employees who built and commissioned it. So we guarantee the best and most reliable service to our clients.